Education Advocates Celebrate School Choice

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DES MOINES, Iowa – Teachers, parents and students filled the State Capitol Tuesday to rally for school choice in Iowa.

The Iowa Alliance for Choice in Education hosts its Education Celebration every year at this time. The eventĀ aims to advocate to lawmakers the importance of families having choices when it comes to their child’s education. One issue at the forefront this year revolves around virtual public schooling; online schooling is a fairly new concept in Iowa, and the law allowing it to function is set to expire this summer, if lawmakers don’t act to extend it.

Another platform organizers are pushing this year are education savings accounts. These would utilize taxpayer dollars to allow lower-income families a chance to pay for private school expenses.

“What we’re asking lawmakers to do, is to consider how to best support all Iowa children, whether that be in a private school, a public school, or another setting,” said Dan Ryan, president of Iowa ACE. “And we’re really asking them to look at education savings accounts, as a new and innovative way to make that happen.”

Ryan says bills that would allow for education savings accounts in Iowa are currently in the committee stages in both legislative chambers. He says progress on this effort looks “promising.”

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  • John Smith

    Did they say how much tax money we should be throwing at the various forms of private education? I know the Bishop of Des Moines is excited about the possibilities.

    Maybe taxpayers need an advocacy group to lobby for taxes going to PUBLIC EDUCATION ONLY. Particularly when House Republicans and the Governor are still proposing a CUT in public school funding this session, while simultaneously failing to set school funding by the legal deadline.

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