THE INSIDERS: Why You Should Care About The Clinton Email Scandal – March 8th Edition, Part 3

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You may not care whether Hillary Clinton emailed from her personal account or her official U.S. Secretary of State government account.  She could communicate through smoke signals for all you care.  But what Clinton did and did not do catches the attention of people like Kathleen Richardson.

Richardson is the Executive Director of the Iowa Freedom of Information Council.  You may not care about what Kathleen does either.  But Richardson works to make sure government leaders conduct their business in an open and transparent way so that we, in the media, and more importantly, YOU, as a taxpayer can hold them accountable.

Richardson gives Channel 13's Dave Price three main reasons why we should care about Clinton's emails.


For part 4, click here.


  • Fiddlesticks

    I was concerned about the lawless ways of Hillary Clinton well before the e-mail scandal broke. Just another in a series of wayward behavior and ethics.

  • John Smith

    Ah, another SCANDAL!!!!!, wholly manufactured by the traditional media to gin up controversy where none exists.

    But, near as I can tell, the actual story is as follows: SoS Clinton did not break any email rules that were in effect while she was in office. SoS Clinton has turned over tens of thousands of emails. SoS Clinton has asked the Department of State to release an emails that they deem fit to release.

    So, the traditional media, still hoping and praying for a SCANDAL!!!!! to report on has floundered around with several sub-SCANDALS!!!!!: The most obvious one is the one that asserts that SoS Clinton may not have turned over ALL of her emails. IOW, she is being required by the traditional media to somehow prove her innocence to the traditional media’s satisfaction, by somehow “proving” that she is not doing something: Withholding emails that the traditional media cannot prove exist in the first place. Her guilt is presumed by them.

    Another is the Des Moines Register Editorial board’s: In this one, somehow SoS Clinton, by asking the State Department to vet the State Department emails it chooses to release, is pushing the cost of releasing the emails off onto the public. Of course, this BS meme doesn’t bother to consider that the State Department “owns” the emails if they were “Official Business”, and that the State Department might have perfectly valid reasons to withhold certain emails for national security reasons.

    And, above all else, this SCANDAL!!!!! was a product of the New York Times, which itself didn’t bother to point out that the email retention rules they refer to were not in effect until well after SoS Clinton had left office. NONE of the same traditional media, in fact, was trying to drum this meme prior to this report. even though the State Department itself has indicated that SoS Kerry is the FIRST to follow the new archiving rules.

    I would think that the Executive Director of the Iowa Freedom of Information Council, Kathleen Richardson, might better serve actual Iowans by trying to get the State of Iowa to tell us all how the new prison in Fort Madison is so over budget and still not occupied. As opposed to aiding and abetting WHO-TV News in THEIR attempts keep this ginned-up SCANDAL!!!!! regarding Mrs. Clinton alive and “controversial”, without a scintilla of any evidence of any actual wrong-doing.

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