Huckabee: Clintons Think Like ‘The Godfather’

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Mike Huckabee (WHO-HD)

Mike Huckabee (WHO-HD)

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee compared the Clintons’ brand of politics to the tactics used by mob boss Michael Corleone in “The Godfather.”

To them, “it’s not personal, it’s just business,” he said on Fox News Sunday this weekend.

The comments came in reference to news that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used a private email server and domain for all over her official email correspondence during her time at the State Department. Huckabee said even after she releases her emails relating to her tenure as the nation’s top diplomat, questions will remain, “because once this shadow of doubt has been placed, I think it’s going to linger throughout a presidential campaign,” if she runs.

Huckabee, who became governor of Arkansas just four years after Bill Clinton left that office for the White House, said the email scandal seemed “very familiar” from his experiences with the Clintons.

While he once drew praise from the former president, Huckabee said on Sunday that “every campaign I was ever in, the Clintons personally campaigned for my opponent,” and referred to the Clintons as having an “extraordinary political machine.”

“I’m not bitter about it, because frankly my attitude has been — look, these are people who know how to play politics. They play to win. They use every tool at their disposal to win,” he said.

And despite having a “decent personal relationship with the Clintons,” Huckabee said he saw their thinking as similar to Corleone’s.

“I look at it like Michael Corleone once looked at the business he was in. It’s not personal, it’s just business,” he said.


  • Karl

    Whereas Huckabee believes he has a ‘god father’ controlling things from up in the sky. Well that just makes all kinds of sense…..

  • John Smith

    Such nonsense will play to his Iowa base, no doubt. Maybe even his FOX News fans as well. Most everyone else will see it for what it is: Sophomoric BS.

    • John Smith

      How about you confine your fantasies to your shirtless Putin poster, and keep them to yourself?

    • marcopolish

      Was thinking the same thing. She took a fraudulent payoff in the form of a phony futures speculation. She protected her husband and thereby continued to abuse and harass and traumatize the very long string of WOMEN ( I put in caps since she is supposedly a liberal and a feminist, as well as a wife) her sexual predator husband constantly targeted. She created the original wide effort at comprehensive, secret nationalization of the healthcare industry and profession, including threatening physicians with prison in the new envisaged regime, and she was given this power not by election, but by appointment, and conspired to keep it from the nation in the exact way that, many years later, the democrats succeeded with in passing Obamacare, highlighted by the phrase (that turned out to be true) “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it.” She moved on to create the hoax that the Bhengazi raid and attack was actually a protest by some fool and entirely innocent, would-be filmmaker when she was quite clearly aware that was a lie from the beginning, yet stood by and allowed her machine to railroad his going to prison for a film he produced in the US and which was protected by free speech…in other words she hijacked and railroaded him and used the corrupt Department of “Justice” as the instrument by which his rights were violated. She went on to discount the deaths of the people she denied, repeatedly, security against the terrorist attack on the Embassy and the Ambassador, and dismissing them by saying “What difference does it make” to avoid having to answer questions about her complicity, her actual very culpable central role in setting these innocent, loyal professional people to die. Now we find she intentionally avoided subjecting her public work to lawful Freedom of Information Act scrutiny. Hilary is Nixon and many other ruthless sociopaths on steroids. Huckabee was the kindest sort of friend by referring to it as an impersonal, Mafia-esque “It’s just business, not personal” comparison.

      Not that knee jerk supporters like John Smith have any clue what she does and how he really has lost all real freedom at the hands of his totalitarian idols. Carry on, John, I’m sure you have plenty of personal attacks and invectives to spew. Let everyone see what kind of mind it takes to defend this creature. The more you do, the more it helps lift the curtain, so let the name calling spew forth. Not only can I take it, I am counting on it.

      • John Smith

        Your shirtless Putin awaits, dimwit. Try to not get him too sticky, this time.

        Say, maybe when you’re all “finished”, you can round up your little play-chum JUNIOR, and see if, between the two of you, you can manage to come up with one cogent response to the actual topic of this thread! Just for a change of pace.

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