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Project to Improve Squaw Creek Water Quality

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DES MOINES, Iowa — The Iowa Department of Agriculture has announced three watershed demonstration projects that will receive water quality initiative funding.

The state will spend $1.4 million on three projects statewide.

One of those includes Squaw Creek in Story, Boone, and Hamilton counties. Matching funds will bring the Squaw Creek Watershed Project to nearly $1 million.

The idea is to develop a plan and work with farmers and other stakeholders to try to improve water quality in the area.


  • BobDole

    An environmental water quality law with some teeth to it would cost the taxpayers a lot less. What other industry is allowed to pollute and then charge the cost of fixing it to the taxpayer?

  • John Smith

    Hey, I have an idea: Maybe the State could, you know, have some sort of RULES about water quality? Like, maybe setting some sort of LIMITS to how much crud anyone lets run into lakes and streams and rivers and such?

    And, maybe make those rules for EVERYONE? So that one group of people has no advantage over another group?

    See, because this voluntary stuff ISN’T WORKING.

  • minna

    The Iowa Dept of Ag … has an idea… to develop a plan… to try to improve… water quality. Excuse me if I don’t hold my breath.

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