Appeal on Marijuana Reclassification Denied by Pharmacy Board

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Marijuana (CNN)

Marijuana (CNN)

DES MOINES, Iowa — The Iowa Board of Pharmacy has denied yet another request to reclassify marijuana in the state.

Des Moines resident Carl Olsen petitioned the board last year to reclassify marijuana to show it has some medicinal value. The board denied that request.

Olsen appealed that decision, and on Monday the board denied the appeal. Board members say it is a political issue and not something the board should take up.

Those in favor say reclassification would help make medical marijuana more accessible to Iowans..

Connie Norgart suffers from post-polio syndrome and severe muscle pain, and says it could help her.

“I have tried medical marijuana myself when I was able to get it and it took away all my pain. I was able to get off high quantities of pain medication if I just used medical cannabis and I wasn`t suffering all those side effects,” says Norgart.

Olsen plans to ask for a judicial review of the board’s decision.


  • revraygreen (@revraygreen)

    Excellent lead in by Dan Winters WHO TV Channel 13 News ….this decision by the God complex policy makers of Iowa today, will be null and void should Congress get the bill through that is being introduced in Washington today….

    This is clearly a political issue at this point, said board member James Miller, a Dubuque pharmacist. ” –

    yes it is, cannabis prohibition is ending, no help from you…save the fear and drink your beer..If hate were China it would be Susan Frey –
    The pharmacy board recommended in January that legislators reclassify a special type of marijuana extract, which has little of the chemical that makes recreational users high, but not to reclassify marijuana entirely.
    Board member Susan Frey, a Villisca pharmacist, noted that legislators considered a marijuana-reclassification bill this session, but they let it die last week. “So.. clearly, it was not an issue the Legislature wanted to address,” she said.

    Clearly a good thing she is retiring…

  • revraygreen (@revraygreen)

    to think I was chastised for saying this fool had an agenda, but no “he helped us on the last bill”.. Good thing Lord Clel is looking out for Iowans… Baudler says that is the closest he ever wants to get to having legal medical marijuana in Iowa, despite lots of lobbying. “There’s no limit to these folk’s anticipation of being able to get high for whatever reason they want to. To me it’s scary that we could even be talking about this. We’re not going down that road, not in Iowa.”

  • Cybrill

    I don’t understand how we can leave helpless Iowans to suffer, many of which are children. Yet somehow, we can push a gas tax through the government machine in record time? We need to get out of own way. Stop resting on old, archaic ideals and using these poor people for political gains.

  • John Smith

    I would have to say I agree with the board: They should NOT be making political decisions. Pharmacy, it occurs to me, is certainly enough of an established SCIENCE that I would expect something called a Board of Pharmacy to be making decisions based on SCIENCE. We certainly have an adequate number of politicians, I should think, to take care of the politics.

    So, why doesn’t the Iowa Board of Pharmacy make the scientific findings, and let the politicians handle the politics?

  • Matthew

    Gov Braindead waging all his political minions against all the compassionate and sensible citizens of Iowa.

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