VA Officials Don’t Talk Vet’s Recent Death

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DES MOINES, Iowa — The Des Moines Office of Veterans Affairs hosted a town hall meeting Monday and the talk turned to the recent death of Army veteran Richard Miles, but the VA refused to talk about his care.

“It seemed to me that he was requesting help and he was turned away and turned up dead which is a situation that we see too frequently nationwide let alone here in Des Moines, and it hit close to home with it happening right here,” says veteran Pete Myers.

Miles was found dead in Water Works Park last month.

His family and friends say he suffered from PTSD, They say he wanted a long-term mental health evaluation at the VA, but instead, he was sent home with a prescription.

Myers says that’s a common story among those who have served, “They go to war and they come home and this is how our country is treating them and that`s what happened to Richard, and it`s going to happen again in a few weeks unless we do something about it.”

Senator Joni Ernst has requested those records, along with an examination of Iowa’s VA mental health programs.


  • John Smith

    Has a cause of death been determined for this unfortunate veteran? Every so often, WHO-TV News updates us on all the noise the living are making about his death, but I have yet to hear an official scientific finding about its cause.

    Perhaps Senator Ernst can find out how he died, when she isn’t busy signing letters threatening the Iraqi government.

  • bjertbjaeger

    This is the same VA staff that couldn’t remember the name of a veteran killed in their hospital by a negligent nurse just months after he died and weeks after they attended the nurses unemployment hearing. But neither could Joni Ernst so…

  • Pete

    It’s an open and shut case of suicide by exposure. The real question is why didn’t the VA hospitilze that man and what viscous cocktail of pills did they prescribe that led him to take off his shoes and coat and lay down in a park to die.

    • John Smith

      I hope you get the meds YOU need for your psychoses, PETE. Random ranting in lieu of scientific fact is not a sign of a healthy mind.

      • Pete

        I usually don’t entertain internet trolls who’ve yet to master spelling, but I’ll have fun with you John. What scientific facts are you seeking in this case? It’s undoubtedly a suicide.Read the police report, talk to witnesses… I have. What I’m doing unlike yourself is asking relevant questions as to why a combat veteran, who followed proper channels in asking for help, was left in this circumstance. Is that scientific enough for you? You notice how my post follows logical steps before reaching sensible conclusion? Happy trolling!


        “The Living”

      • John Smith

        Self delusion is also a bad sign, I’m afraid. Your OP is NOTHING but unsubstantiated speculation on your part, PETE. No logical conclusions can be drawn without actual facts, and you have posted none.

      • Pete

        Three posts in John and no one has any idea what you’re arguing. The question isn’t how Sgt. Miles died, it’s why. Once you move your thinking forward I think you’ll have an easier time making a point. On behalf of “the living” I’ll ask you again, what scientific facts are you seeking in this case? What evidence have you seen that indicates this was not a suicide? Go read the police report, talk to the detective. Researching such things helps one draw reasonable conclusions. I wish you well in your quest to make a point and write in complete sentences!

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