Bob Vander Plaats Speaks in Support of Medical Cannabis

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Bob Vander PlaatsDES MOINES, Iowa – Conservative leader and president of The Family Leader, Bob Vander Plaats, spoke at the Iowa Statehouse Wednesday in support of legislative efforts to expand the state’s medical cannabis law.

“There’s absolutely no doubt about it: this is a pro-family issue,” he said. “It’s an issue about quality of life for Iowans, young and old, who are suffering needlessly.”

A bill introduced in the Iowa Senate last week would expand the Medical Cannabidoil Act of 2014 to allow patients of nine other conditions – in addition to epilepsy – to access medical cannabis oil. It would also legalize other forms of medical cannabis, besides oil, but stops short of legalizing smoking medical cannabis. The bill also allows for production and sale of medical cannabis in the state of Iowa (families currently must access these products from other states – often an illegal process) and creates a Medical Advisory Board to oversee the program.

Vander Plaats says The Family Leader will not take a position on the issue, and therefore, he won’t support any particular legislation or lobby lawmakers personally. Rather, he says his statement serves to urge Governor Terry Branstad, and lawmakers in both chambers, to act on addressing the accessibility issues Iowans face with medical cannabis.

“I am not here on behalf of The Family Leader,” he said. “My wife Darla and I are here on behalf of our son, Lucas.”

Vander Plaats’ son was born with severe developmental disabilities, and while Vander Plaats’ admitted medical cannabis would not particularly help with his son’s condition, he knows what it is like as a parent to see a child in agony and be helpless to remedy it.

“While cannabis oil is derived from marijuana, it cannot be abused and any arguments to the contrary simply ignore the wealth of scientific evidence and studies from around the world that underscore its medicinal value.”



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      • revraygreen (@revraygreen)

        -Matthew 8:5-13
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  • Fed UP

    I totally agree with Bob. Medical cannabis has been proven to be a great medicinal help for those that need it for pain and seizures. Nobody can get high on this but Bumstead seems to have a mental block about making it legal. Too bad.

  • The Phantom

    The great family cultist, I mean leader, I mean Jim jones wait…. never mind. Cant this guy move to Yemen and do us all a favor.

  • Carl Olsen

    “I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race [is] not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.” Ecclesiastes 9:11

    • John Smith

      I kind of have to wonder at a Republican saying such a thing. “Aggressive Medical Research” sounds awfully science-like for that side of the aisle, at least in the last decade or three.

      I remember once being involved in an interview with one of the last Iowans to be grand-fathered in a past federal marijuana study. The feds still provided him marijuana, but his physician had to prescribe it every month. Then, he had to find a pharmacy that was certified to handle Schedule 1 “narcotics” for the marijuana to be shipped to, so they could dispense his prescription to him. How did the Federal Government make sure this Schedule 1 “narcotic” got to the local pharmacy that was certified to securely store this dangerous substance?

      They sent it UPS Ground.

  • revraygreen (@revraygreen)

    Baudler claims they used their suggestions to craft the bill’s language, but, nothing can get around the fact marijuana use is against Federal law.” going across the street to buy some at a dispensary in a bit Clel.

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