How Boone Stands Out From Other Iowa Straw Poll Bidders

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BOONE, Iowa -- Iowa State University will no longer be home to the Iowa Straw Poll; instead it will be held twenty minutes north in Boone.

Thursday morning, the Republican Party of Iowa’s "State Central Committee" came to determine the event will be held at the Central Iowa Expo in Boone.

GOP party chairman, Jeff Kaufmann said, “The decision process was a very thorough one. We visited all of the sites and we could have held the straw poll at anyone of them.”

The Iowa Speedway, Drake University and the former location, Iowa State University, were all being considered and were affordable.

“I thought going in that cost would be a bigger factor but when it was all said and done. We could have made this work financially at any of the sites that`s probably the biggest surprise personally that I had,” said Kaufmann.

However he said the location must embody the “essence of rural Iowa” and that was Boone.

Central Iowa expo’s operations manager, Ken Anderson said he was up against stiff competition but felt his facility had the upper hand.

“We’re just like a little city inside the gate, we have 13 paved streets, and 3 paved avenues. So were our own little community with buildings and bins and a heck of a good agricultural look,” said Anderson.

Boone city officials say event will attract thousands of dollars in revenue and put the city on the map but if you ask Kaufmann it’s not about where the straw poll is held rather the interest of people who will attend it.

“I think the tradition in and of itself is not bound to a particular place. I think it’s bound to the spirit of republican activists who will bring their families and come to the straw poll.”

The event will be held on Saturday August 8th. Ticket information will be available in May.




  • John Smith

    What is the amount of State Government funding annually to the Central Iowa Expo, relative to Iowa State University?

  • Rebecca Hergert

    This is a Joke!! That’s gonna be a mud-hole!!
    Definitely waiting patiently for the Union Pacific to relocate us!!

  • Rebecca Hergert

    My husband don’t think too much of this either & thinks it should be held in Des Moines & the Straw-poll don’t mean anything.
    I can remember living at home in the Amana’s before we resided here, I think there was a convention here in Ames-ISU, with Al Gore. I don’t think we were here yet in Boone!!
    But this shouldn’t be held in Boone!!

  • Rebecca Hergert

    My husband says, ‘Bring your bread sacks to the Carnival, if it rain’s’!!
    I can’t see this!! I heard it was a mess at the Farm Progress Show!!

  • Fed UP

    After Paulsen’s and Bumstead’s dirty politics with the gas tax increase, they may not get as many supporting this as they think. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. Bumstead did the the GOP no favors………….

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