Police Investigating Reports of a Shooting Near Kum & Go

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Des Moines Police investigating a reported shooting at the Kum & Go at 22nd & University (MIKE BORLAND/WHO-HD)


DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Mones Police are investigating a possible shooting, Thursday night, but are not sure whether shots were even fired.

Police were called to the Kum & Go gas station on University avenue near 22nd street just before 9 p.m. Upon arrival they found broken glass and live rounds on the ground, but no spent shell casings.

Police believe the live rounds may have dropped while someone was loading a gun. Minutes later, police pulled over a red mini-van near University and Keo way.

Police believe the passengers are the victims of what ever happened.

Officials said they have no suspects and it doesn’t appear anyone was hit by gunfire, however, they have alerted area hospitals to contact them if anyone comes in with gun shot wounds.


      • Kris

        Your response almost gave me cancer, dear god…..he’s referring to the excerpt where the police and reporters seemed to be dumbfounded that they found live rounds but no shell casings. Empty shells that are fired from a revolver do not come out of the gun until it is opened and they are dumped out. Tune in next week when how to put pants on needs to be explained! Should be a doozy!

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