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Fans Pack Auditorium for UNI Selection Show Appearance

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CEDAR FALLS, Iowa- The Northern Iowa Panthers were selected in the NCAA Men's basketball Tournament as a 5 Seed, to take on 12 Seed, Wyoming in Seattle Friday.A crowd of Purple and Gold Panther fans crowded into the Gallagher-Bluedorn Auditorium on the UNI Campus Sunday afternoon for the live CBS Selection Sunday broadcast.  A live CBS camera was on hand for interviews prior to the Selection Show.

When The University of Northern Iowa flashed up on the bracket on the big screen a loud cheer went up.

"Obviously we haven't got to experience this as individuals or as a team," said Panther star player, Seth Tuttle. "When our name popped up there to hear our crowd behind us, and our fans, just to see the excitement on the faces of our guys it was a lot of fun."

Coach Ben Jacobson said the wait to be called was nerve-racking.

"It's almost like you don't know for sure that your name is coming up,"said Jacobson.  "It's the strangest thing, there's a little bit of is it going to come up, or isn't it?"

Jacobson said he had the opportunity to watch Wyoming play a couple of times, and seemed impressed by their style of play.

On traveling out west, for Tuttle, this will be a first."I've never been to Seattle, I know it rains a lot there I think, other than that, not much," said Tuttle.

Jacobson had to stop to think if he had ever been to Seattle, once his memory jarred, it was a milestone in his coaching career.

"The first game I coached as a divsion one head coach was in Seattle at the Universty of Washington," said Jacobson.