Confusion Over Lawmaker’s Vote

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DES MOINES, Iowa - State Representative Dan Kelly (D) Newton wants to clear up a few things.

In his weekly newsletter, the Newton area state lawmaker seems to back funding the Iowa Veterans Trust Fund with proceeds from lottery scratch off tickets and pull tabs. The trust fund helps pay for certain veterans services. Kelly's newsletter reads, in part, "This bill has been viewed as necessary to make sure the trust fund is funded at appropriate levels."

But while Kelly seems to back the bill in his newsletter, he is one of only five state representatives who voted against it.

Kelly insists his newsletter is simply that; news about what has happened any given week at the capitol. He says he supports the veterans trust fund, just not the way it's being funded.

"The Iowa Lottery has a $20 million budget for advertising and they only contribute back about two and a half million dollars to the Veterans Trust Fund," Kelly said, "I think that money needs to come directly out of the general fund rather than a failed pull tab lottery game."

We asked Kelly why he didn't include his vote and an explanation of why he voted that way in his news letter.  "Any veterans or any constituants who have any concerns about this issue are free to contact me any time on any issue and I'll be happy to share how I voted but I do stand behind that vote and all of my votes," he said.

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