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Polk County Resident Speaks Out Against Use of Speed Cameras

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I-235 speed cameras. (WHO-HD)

I-235 speed cameras. (WHO-HD)

DES MOINES, Iowa — A Polk County resident involved in a class action lawsuit against the City of Des Moines and its use of speed cameras is explaining why she has chosen to take on city hall.

On Thursday, Sarah Brooks and another plaintiff, Michelle Bullock filed a class action lawsuit against the city.

It claims the city’s speed cameras aren’t fulfilling their purpose of keeping the highways safe and that the cameras aren’t calibrated to any national safety standard.

The two filed the lawsuit after both received tickets earlier this year.

Instead of paying up, they felt the need to fight back.

“When I received the ticket, I had two options, to pay it or contest it. I decided to contest it because I’ve heard people say this is the way we do it and keep paying it but I actually wanted to take a stand. I believe this is wrong,” said Brooks.

The lawsuit asks that all fines collected by the cameras are returned by the City of Des Moines and Gatso, the company that operates them.

It’s the second challenge against the city’s speed camera on I-235 this week, after the Iowa DOT demanded their removal.

You can view a copy of the lawsuit below.


  • John Smith

    I is always good to see people who are willing to go to bat for what they believe in. I wish them well!

  • Scott

    Dumb. I see zero correlation in if the camera’s “fulfill their purpose of keeping the highways safe” having anything to do with her speeding. She chose to speed and got caught, so pay the ticket and stop whining.

  • Rebecca

    You need to get over this!!
    You have no right to speed.
    Yesterday, a Linn County-white vehicle was in Des Moines just flying on the I- 35-south, got on I- 80 west & off on E-14 street.
    What was his excuse??
    And I’m a native of Linn County & my husband from the Amana’s & reside in Boone County for 20 yrs!!

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