Fans: NCAA Tournament Breaks In – State Rivalry

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- For the second time in Iowa history have all three state universities made it into the NCAA Tournament.

With a strong Iowa presence in this years' tournament, fans say its given them a chance to forget about the in state competition and support one another.

UNI fan, Heather Schrader said, " Everyone is rooting because its Iowa. Even if you’re an Iowa State fan you're cheering for UNI and Iowa. The in - state rivalries kind of go away."

A poll by Sports News ranked Iowa #4 as the state with the best college basketball. Fans agree. Hawkeye fan, Rick Stringler said Iowa is finally being recognized on a national level as state with serious basketball potential and a large fan following.

"It's incredible I think when you see in the stadiums all the sellouts and just the pandemonium where there is not an NBA team to get behind so all our attention is behind and can be focused on the in state basketball school."

On Thursday, Iowa State lost to UAB 59 to 60 and The University of Iowa fell to Gonzaga 68 to 87.