THE INSIDERS: Tax Cuts vs. Education – March 22nd Edition, Part 2

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Some Iowa Democrats at the Statehouse are having buyer's remorse...of sorts.  They helped Republican Governor Terry Branstad and his party pass tax cuts for businesses.  These cut would make Iowa more attractive for companies to set up shop or expand here, and that would in turn spur more hiring opportunities for local workers.

Critics now, however, worry about the cost these tax cuts entail, that is, leaving not enough money for state programs, specifically education.

Legislators have been arguing for months on how much more to give schools this Fall.  Channel 13's Dave Price asked on Facebook, if given a choice, would Iowans rather have taxpayers fund these property tax cuts or give more money for schools.

Price shares some of the Facebook responses in this segment.


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  • John Smith

    The whole premise that Iowa must CUT funding to public schools is ludicrous on its face. The fact that the legislature cannot even abide by its own statutory schedule for passing funding for public schools is damaging public schools.

    This is nothing more than a very common ploy: If you want to get rid of a public department, just keep underfunding it until it fails. Then deride its failure as the reason to do away with it. It is an ALEC classic on the state level. And, as we all know, we have a governor who is a charter member of ALEC from way back.

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