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Poll: Who Bears Responsibility for Cracking Down on Bullying in Our Schools?

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  • Fed UP

    You CANNOT legislate “anti-bullying” policies. If it’s not learned in the home, it’s not going to be learned at school.

  • Matthew

    Put the smartphone down, get off your butt and do some parenting!! This is a social issue and friends and neighbors of those doing a bad job of raising their children need to call them out! My daughter was pushed off a slide at the park the other day because the boys’ mom wasn’t watching her out of control boys, she just wanted to gossip with her friend. I called her out and, of course, got a death stare…do you think I cared?

  • Withheld

    Hear, hear, RJ Green. When I was the target, I didn’t realize how much the ‘omniscient’ teachers didn’t see.

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