Texas Girl Seizure-Free with Medical Marijuana in Colorado

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DALLAS , Texas (KDAF) -- Nine-year-old Alexis Bortell wants to be the poster girl who gets medical marijuana legalized in the Lone Star State.

"I think that it should be legal in Texas because every child should live a normal life," Alexis Bortell told NewsFix last month.

We first talked to Alexis a year ago. For most of her life, she's been dealing with daily epileptic seizures. Her parents were told by a specialist and doctors medical cannabis might stop them.

But getting the drug they needed wasn't easy.

"We've always said if Alexis' health or life was in danger we would leave," her father Dean Bortell said.

After a scary epileptic episode last month, the Bortells made the difficult decision to relocate to Colorado where Alexis has access to the medicine she needs.

The Team Alexis Facebook page shows her amazing transformation into a normal kid.

"Since the first dose, she has not had a single symptom or seizure and we're on day 22 now."

But Alexis' dad says they haven't stopped lobbying to get marijuana legalized here in Texas.

This session, the Texas Legislature has an unprecedented number of bills — 11 in all — and plenty of folks are hoping Texas will be next to join the cannabis craze.

Alexis and her family say they want to come home to Texas but can't do that unless the House bill they support passes.

"I love Texas because my family is here, my school, and my home," Alexis told NewsFix last month.

"To allow Alexis and all of the refugees here in Colorado from Texas and other states to come home. You know, we would be able to come back to Texas," Mr. Bortell said.

There's definitely no place like home.


  • revraygreen (@revraygreen)

    as a medical marijuana patient with MS, the corporate compassion being sold as medical marijuana is only fear in a bottle. A medical marijuana patient should not be denied the natural plant or the way they choose to administer…..smoked, vaporized, cooked in food or even one of these fancy potions or lotions that will be legally available in Iowa. The Veterans I know who moved here to Colorado for their health, grow and smoke their cannabis. Save the fear, drink you beer or growler at a Q-T, cannabis prohibition will end once Grassley and Baudler are sent to pasture.

  • Wakey Wakey!

    It’s time to bypass the bank-owned politicians who are protecting corporate profits. We need a referendum to decriminalize cannabis in the City of Des Moines, just like Denver did in the early 2000s. Government will never act on this. They are owned. A referendum is the only way, and it would work.

  • LaVerdad

    “[Drug control efforts] have had harmful collateral consequences: creating a criminal black market; fuelling corruption, violence, and instability; threatening public health and safety; generating large-scale human rights abuses, including abusive and inhumane punishments; and discrimination and marginalization of people who use drugs, indigenous peoples, women, and youth” — The United Nations Development Programme
    The UNODC continues talking about the impact of drug policies on the formal economy, on human rights, on gender, on the environment, and on indigenous peoples, and they argue that “new approaches are both urgent and necessary.”
    Meanwhile back at the ranch: Mexican Drug Cartels are rapidly changing over 2/3’s of their fields to poppies to make heroine. They are quickly losing the American market so are trying to start selling to Mexican citizens who are racing to legalize Marijuana in Mexico to drive out the cartels for good. Mexican cartels are trying to focus on European sales to stay in business. They are “on the run” for survival …Thanks to America waking up!!

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