Des Moines Social Club’s ‘Culinary Loft’ Gets Debut

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Culinary loft at Des Moines Social Club. (WHO-HD)

Culinary loft at Des Moines Social Club. (WHO-HD)

DES MOINES, Iowa — The Des Moines Social Club opened its Culinary Loft this weekend.

The new cooking school will feature a wide range of classes.

Sunday, the Social Club launched the new community kitchen concept with the Great Pig Out. Volunteer chefs roasted a 200-pound pig.

The new Culinary Loft caters to foodies, chefs, home cooks, and other people who are just learning the basics.

“I want to remove that fear entirely of being scared in the kitchen. I want it to be coming in and if you burn something, you burn it and we laugh about it and we have learned how to not burn it for the next time,” says Amanda Mae Phillips, Culinary Arts Director.

The first class is being held Saturday, April 4th. It’s a breakfast and yoga session.

You can find out more about the courses at