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Bed Bugs Causing Headaches for Urbandale Firefighters

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URBANDALE, Iowa - Urbandale firefighters are dealing with another hazard that comes with the job.

After responding to a call last week Fire Chief Jerry Holt said firefighters brought bed bugs back to the station at 7100 Douglas Ave. A firefighter complained about a bite and a closer look at his bed revealed the presence of a “few bugs”.

“We go to a lot of places that aren't necessarily the cleanest places that may have bed bugs on them and I'm sure one of them hitched a ride back to the station and made itself at home at the station,” said Holt.

The fire department called a pest control company and are in the process of treating the bedrooms, hallways, locker room and other areas at the fire station.

An inspection of the bitten firefighter’s home determined that the pests were there as well. The city is paying to get rid of the bugs at the firefighter’s house and inspectors are checking the homes of other firefighters.

“We take this very seriously. Just as we would in your home, nobody wants to have bed bugs in your house so we're doing everything we can to make sure they don't go anywhere else,” said Holt.

Another round of chemical treatment will take place at the fire station Wednesday.


  • Dahai Dong

    Well-known bed bug control methods are obsolete after an invention. Google “bed sized bed bug trap”. Stop bite forever no matter how many bed bugs are in a mattress, behind a wall, under floor, and inside electronics. A camper inside a tent does not care mosquitoes outside tent. A sleeper at the trap center does not care bed bugs at home. Bed bugs can’t feed when a sleeper functions as inaccessible CO2 bait at the trap center. No bite 24 hours a day is as sure as people sleep in a bathtub, and exterminators don’t receive a bite.
    Traditional methods fail even only one bug survived. The bed sized trap succeeds even it did not catch any bugs due to no more bites. Bed bugs starve quickly if they feel CO2 and crawl every night for food in futile. Catch them into a jar to confirm the short life. All of the traditional DIY methods have failed thousand times. As a common sense, never repeat others’ failure. If bed bugs migrate from other apartments or hide in electronics, the most expensive room-heating method fails, while the cheap method succeeds. People don’t need to search any bed bugs which kill themselves on the way for food without survivor. No one kills ants by vacuum and steam instead of poison bait. The bed sized trap is more powerful than the poison bait. People should not use vacuum and steam to suffer endless cycles of killing, feeding, and laying eggs.

    • say what

      well that looks like the old Hudi tape that they used in WWII to keep bugs out of wounded soldiers beds. Nice that it can be done for next to nothing

  • Rickay

    It’s certainly feasible that the firefighter brought them from his home. They can’t say they came from a patient.

    • Michelle

      Yes it easily could have come from his house, he has it made then now they are paying to get rid of them if he was the cause.

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