Gun Debate Was The Debate That Wasn’t

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DES MOINES, Iowa --The much-awaited anticipation of a full gun rights debate in the Iowa Senate Tuesday afternoon didn't end up being much of a debate at all.

Senators spent nearly five hours on and off in private strategy sessions on what do to about the legislation.

Three weeks ago, the house overwhelmingly passed a series of changes to the state's guns laws including: essentially eliminate the mandatory 72-hour wait for background checks in private gun sales, allow children under 14 to use hand guns with adult supervision and keep private the information of Iowans who have gun permits.

But Democrats, who hold a two-seat majority in the 50-seat senate, chose to instead take up a bill legalizing the use of gun suppressors. That passed 46 to 4.

They didn't take up the broader guns rights package passed by the house. And senators chose to spend little time debating the suppressor bill.



    • Barb

      Smile anytime you’re outside your home, Vinnievincent! Hidden cameras are EVERYWHERE watching your every move!

  • John Smith

    And, this is STILL a bill which benefits at least one of its legislative sponsors financially, and has the NRA along for writing the technicals.

    Dodge City, Kansas, had less permissive gun laws in the wild west period than these yahoos want for Iowa now. Yet, this legislature just can’t seem to get around to state aid for public schools.

    This may go down as one of the lamest sessions of the Iowa Legislature in the history of Iowa.

    • Linda

      Don’t worry about it john. The passing of this bill will not affect you whatsoever and nobody is going to make a fortune selling suppressors. Now run along and go do a bake sale fund raiser for your favorite public school.i

      • John Smith

        This bill affects EVERYONE in the state of Iowa, LINDA; only a true dimwit would even begin to think otherwise.

        Now, since you are the ONLY one who has suggested that someone might “make a fortune” selling suppressors, perhaps you can do a comparison for us on projected suppressor sales v. sales to CHILDREN UNDER 14. I have no doubt that Generalissimo LaPierre considers these kids to be an under-served constituency, but to NORMAL people, they are CHILDREN.

        They even propose to do away with that burdensome three-day wait, so that Junior can get right to shootin’ up his MIDDLE SCHOOL without any unnecessary thought.

        Then, to top it all off, the bill is designed to make the Second Amendment to the US Constitution a SECRET right, not to be shared with citizens!

        Now, LINDA, tell us all how ANY of this is justifiable, without even one instant of public debate in the Iowa Legislature. See if you can’t, just this once, come up with a fact or two in your blatherings, won’t you?

      • Linda

        With his constant name calling getting old and tired,I wonder how john feels about the new anti-bullying bill is making it’s way through the Iowa Legislature?

      • John Smith

        IOW, THREE rightwingnut dimwits, and NOT ONE of you can speak to the actual topic with anything other than the usual Dittohead blather.

        Well done. Mega Dittoes!

  • Clyde

    Parents having the right to teach their kids about guns? Who came up with that idea, we have video games that do just fine. And flash suppressors make everybody want to go out and do public shootings.
    But I think we need to turn our legislative branch into banning airplanes. It makes co pilots want to lock the captain out and fly them into the ground, in a mass murder. We don’t need planes we have cars and ships.
    We have school shootings, so it must be the gun sales. In the 40’s to the 70’s, we had gun sales in every other store in America, gas stations, etc. Readily available and ammo too. And no school shootings. Now we can’t find a gun store let alone ammo for it and we have school shootings. Guns must be the problem eh? Maybe some day, they will realize that Obama was the best gun salesman in the world.

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