Memorial for Fallen Iowa Soldier Vandalized

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COON RAPIDS, Iowa --The family of Shawn Muhr is hoping for the public’s help in identifying who vandalized their son’s memorial.

“My son lost his life over in Afghanistan about 4 years ago. It really makes it (pause), it really makes me feel depressed when someone does this. It’s nonsense,” Dave Mohr, father of Shawn Muhr, said.

The suspect(s) covered Muhr’s memorial in paint.

“They made a mess down here,” Muhr said of the scene. “I come down and look at it and there was pink paint on everything.”

When Muhr got to the memorial he found the eggs that were used to damage the area.

“We found a regular chicken egg that had pink paint put inside of it,” Muhr said. The eggs had been hollowed out and filled with paint to throw at the statue and plaque.

Muhr is offering a $500 reward, out of his own pocket, for information on the vandalism.

Muhr hopes that it was just a random act but he wants them to come down and apologize.

“I wish they would just come down confess. I ahh, I am not gonna be mean to them but I think they need to be punished by their parents or something else,” Muhr said. “If it is grown-ups, I think ahh, they need to be punished severely.”

There was no permanent damage to the display that was built in 2011. Muhr said it took about an hour to clean up everything.

If you have information you’re urged to contact the Coon Rapids Police Department at 712-999-5244.

Shawn Muhr died in combat, while a member of the Army,  in Afghanistan in 2011. He was 26-years-old.


  • Keala Herman

    Just know that your son is a hero and it that it is just disgraceful that someone would treat his memorial like that, I am so sorry that happened to you, and I hope the perpetrator will be caught soon and brought to justice!

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