School Start Date Bill Headed to Governor for Approval

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DES MOINES, Iowa - Students across the state of Iowa won't be headed back to school any earlier than August 23 under a new bill that is headed to Governor Branstad's desk to be signed into law.

Lawmakers reached an agreement on legislation over the school start date but Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal filed a motion to reconsider because the bill did not include high schools. Gronstal removed that motion on Tuesday saying that he hoped lawmakers could focus on school funding, something that was supposed to have been figured out in February.

Governor Branstad has promised to sign the bill into law.


  • Joel

    It is no coincidence that the latest date the Iowa State Fair can end is on August 23. This decision was about money. I love the state fair as much as anyone but It is a shame that the state has to mandate start dates instead of leaving the decision up to local school boards.

  • BobDole

    I plan on boycotting the State Fair and the Okoboji area. Apparently the tourism lobby is more important to the Governor than education is.

  • DeAnna Radcliff

    August is summer last time I checked. Could we get this solved sometime soon? Some of us would like to schedule a Summer vacation

  • John Smith

    Gee, you think the Legislature might at LEAST come up with a bill for State Aid for Public Schools, BEFORE telling them all when they can start. See, because at this point, if I were a school superintendent, I would be telling the state that they don’t get to play if they can’t manage to pay.

  • Shelby Vanmeer LaFreniere

    my kids always started in August so its not a bad start date but if its not broke why fix it…there are more important issues on the table then school start dates..

  • Krista

    If the schools want to do things on their own, they should go for it. Without state funding. You can’t have everything

    • John Smith

      WHAT state funding would that be, exactly? Do you mean the less-than-inflation 1.25% increase in state funding pushed by the Republicans, or the measly 2.62% increase they just turned down?

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