Suspects Manage to Steal 84 Fragrance Items From Des Moines Ulta Store

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DES MOINES, Iowa – A man and woman stole 84 fragrance items from a local Ulta store on March 27.

The store manager, Michelle Sanford, witnessed the suspects concealing items in three large bags at 2:27 p.m. She then approached the suspects and took one of the items out of the male suspect’s hands. He then snatched it back from her and concealed it. Despite Sanford telling the suspects to stop, they quickly departed from the store and made no attempt to pay for any of the items, according to a Des Moines Police Department report.

The suspects left out of the east exit of the store and set off the security alarms at the door. They eventually entered a metallic gold Ford Taurus, which had no license plates and featured a paper tag in the rear window, before fleeing from the parking lot in an unknown direction on Merle Hay Road.

The total amount taken by the suspects was $4,375.65. Ulta is located inside the Merle Hay Mall at 3800 Merle Hay Road. Sanford provided a copy of the security footage to the Des Moines Police Department and the investigation is ongoing.


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  • LillyBell

    Funny, pretty sure this is the same car that a guy got in after walking out of QT with a bunch of roller food items that he didnt pay for.

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