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Sen. Joni Ernst: No Nuclear Capabilities for Iran

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Cargill interview stillEDDYVILLE, Iowa- U.S. Senator Joni Ernst said Wednesday that Iran should not be allowed to enrich uranium for use in nuclear power or nuclear weapons.

“No nuke for Iran, if they continue to enrich uranium,” said Ernst, as she continued her 99 county tour of Iowa, at Cargill in Eddyville.

“I would rather see Iran not with nuclear capabilities,” said Ernst. ” I don’t believe they are developing these for a peaceful purpose.”

Senator Ernst said the outcome should be based on how the uranium gets used.

“If they continue to enrich uranium, and developing nuclear capabilities, something that could be used for weapons, I do think there will be other countries in the middle east that are trying to keep up with Iran,” said Ernst. “We’ll see a domino affect in the Middle East, of others wanting to obtain nuclear weapons.”

Ernst was asked about her bill to improve mental health care for Veterans, she said that bill which she introduced is on hold just while Senators are back home working she said she would resume efforts to pass that once she returns to Washington.

Senator Ernst was also asked about keeping up with all the demands of being a U.S. Senator.  She quoted Senator Charles Grassley, saying, “it’s like eating 10,000 marshmallows, you do it one at a time. ”

“We tackle those issues one at a time, we just stay on top if it.”

Ernst continued her 99 county tour of Iowa with stops at Lake Rathbun, Corydon, Lamoni, Osceola, and Chariton.  On Thursday, she will attend the Iowa Prayer Breakfast in Des Moines.


  • John Smith

    Yes, the Kochs have made sure ALL their US Senators tow their line: “No agreement with Iraq! Never, Never, Never! All Hail Bibi!”

    Frankly, if I were a nation like Iraq and all I had to trade with the rest of the world was oil, I wouldn’t want to use a drop of it for domestic energy; I would have nuclear power, as much as I could build or buy.

    And, no junior Senator from Iowa would matter a solitary lick, whether she was carrying her concealed weapon or not.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Nice rant…pretty sure she’s talking about Iran not Iraq. Not an ally by any means.

    • John Smith

      Uh, yes, you caught me, all right: I meant to type “Iran” which would, of course, be in context. Mea Maxima Culpa!

      Now, speaking of rants, besides YOU, who said anything about allies? Ally or enemy, it makes no difference: The United States of America cannot dictate which other countries in the world choose to employ nuclear power for their domestic energy, no matter what nonsense Joni Ernst or Bibi Netanyahoo babble on about. If the US, Britain, Russia and the rest of the countries negotiating with IRAN want IRAN to be a responsible user of nuclear power, then it will require multinational agreements and cooperation. You know, like what the POTUS is trying to do, DESPITE the Bibi-worshipping Congressional Republicans.

      • John Smith

        Yeah, you go right ahead and slap your knee all you want. In the meantime, how about you try speaking to Senator Ernst’s assertion that, somehow, another sovereign nation of the world is to be denied nuclear power if the choose to employ it? You know, something reasonably close to the topic?

  • Gene

    When is she going to be in Washington DC doing the job she was voted to do not running all over IOWA.

  • Brian

    Gee, Iran is a signatory of the NPT which gives them the legal right to enrich uranium. How dumb can Joni be? Never mind.

  • Joel

    Iran and any other MiddleEast country will gladly sell U.S. oil without us having constant occupation of those countries. Something George W. Bush and Obama both still haven’t figured out.

  • midwestman

    John Smith for president. He’s so smart and has all of our world/local problems figured out

  • Clyde

    I’ll go with Joni, no nukes for Iran. That issue should have been over last year. I’m surprised Isreal hasn’t taken care of that little problem already.

  • Concerned Citizen

    Some think that Iran should be able to have nuclear weapons. That’s just insane. They can’t be trusted with weapons of mass destruction.

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