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New C-Section Method Offered In Des Moines

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DES MOINES, Iowa--A new form of C-sections is being offered in the metro with the goal to help both mom and baby.

Skin-to-skin C-sections are now an option at Methodist, Lutheran and Methodist West hospitals.

Rose Hodgson says having a C-section wasn't on her agenda.

“It was kind of a traumatic experience for me.”

With her first child Hodgson had an emergency C-section and didn't get to see her daughter Violet for five hours after birth.

When she got pregnant again, she wanted something different.

“I just knew I didn't want to have to go through that experience again so when my friend Sarah asked me and told me about this option I jumped at the chance because I knew what I didn`t want and I knew this would be a different way to have another birth experience,” says Hodgson.

Hodgson gave birth to her son, Theo, via a skin to skin C-section.

The alternative method allowed her to hold her son on her chest immediately after delivery.

“I couldn't tell you what they were doing surgical wise because I was in a state of euphoria with my new son on my chest, the feeling was amazing,” says Hodgson.

Medical professionals say skin-to-skin contact after delivery is beneficial to both mom and baby.

“It`s been shown to help stabilize the baby, the respiration, the temperature, blood sugar, and also it helps with the mother bonding with the baby,” says Methodist Hospital RN Sarah Copple.

The new approach helps provide some of the same experiences to C-section patients as those who have a vaginal birth.

“It really puts them in the center of the care we provide and helps keep it family centered care,” says Copple.

And for moms like Hodgson that means more time with her little one right away.

“It made the bonding experience afterwards with him so much better and so natural,” says Hodgson.

Skin to skin C-sections can only occur during a planned C-section, it must also be approved by your doctor prior to delivery.

UnityPoint Des Moines has been offering skin-to-skin C-sections for several months and say about a dozen moms  have chosen this option.

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  • soccerfamilystyle

    No matter how you deliver, women need to find their voice and advocate for themselves. While I’m thrilled this is happening, the real news would be area hospitals working to lower their cesarean rate to World Health Org standards.

    This isn’t new in Des Moines. Broadlawns has been performing gentle cesarean upon request for quite some time. My OB there made it sound easy and common. I got a message from a Mercy West Lakes OB nurse that talked about their gentle cesarean last week. She talked about how welcoming they are to skin to skin, no separation of mom and baby, examination on mom if everyone is stable.

    Congratulations to the many Des Moines women who advocated for these changes over the past decade on their own or through ICAN of Central Iowa.

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