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Sen. Ernst Pushes Faster Care for Veterans

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Sen. Joni Ersnt (Courtesy: WQAD)

Sen. Joni Ersnt (Courtesy: WQAD)

MUSCATINE, Iowa — Sen. Joni Ernst was back in Iowa Tuesday, talking mental health care for veterans.

She wants to cut delays by allowing veterans to access private care when they need it. It’s the first bill she’s introduced in the Senate.

Right now she says veterans wait an average of 36 days to get care.

“When a veteran is going in for that mental health care, normally they are at their limit, and they need help right away. So this will help with that,” says Sen. Ernst.

Ernst is a veteran herself and a member of the Armed Services Committee.

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  • Troy Hendrickson

    There are currently at least groups comprised of veterans who were involved in actual combat, many wounded, who are asking Senator Ernst to support legal access to medical cannabis as part of their treatment for PTSD and other service related injuries.

    Senator Ernst of course has taken the standard republican political stance and spat in their faces…

  • John Smith

    Certainly this is a positive thing, but isn’t Senator Ernst aware that we are in the process of shutting down mental health facilities in Iowa, fast as the Republican Governor can de-fund them?

    Is she proposing any actual new beds here, in her legislation? Or, is all of this to take place in a VA health facility somewhere else?

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