Four-Year-Old Struck by Stray Bullet in Waterloo Shooting

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WATERLOO, Iowa -- A four-year-old boy who was shot in Waterloo Thursday is out of surgery and in stable condition.

KWWL reports the boy was shot around 2:00 p.m. when witnesses say a man fired several shots from the parking lot at a church building. One of those bullets went through the siding and into a house where the boy was playing.

A witness, and relative of the boy, says he saw the shooter drive right past him.

"I look down there, and I see everybody out here, and I'm like, 'I hope that ain't that corner house, 'cause that's my little cousin's crib' -- my little cousin's staying there. And as I come down there, they're putting my little cousin in the ambulance car,” says Marquan Briner.

No arrests have been made in the shooting but police say they received several tip calls overnight.

The injured boy is expected to be OK.