Nine Weapons Found in Storage Shed Connected to Man on Run

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MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa –After more than 24 hours on the run, a dangerous fugitive still remains at large.

Although authorities haven't been able to locate 27-year-old Chad Bryant they have been able to connect him to even more criminal activity.

“We developed information that connected Chad Bryant to the storage units as well as information that led us to believe he used those sites to store weapons, drugs and perhaps case,” says Marshall County Chief Deputy Steve Hoffman.

Hoffman says deputies executed two search warrants at Mid-Iowa storage in Marshalltown.

“We did find two large safes however outside of drug paraphernalia we did not find any large stashes of drugs or money however at one site we did recover nine firearms, rifles and shotguns and some ammunition,” says Hoffman.

Bryant was initially arrested along with five others on Wednesday and released on a $5,000 bond. He is being charged with false imprisonment of a 16-year-old, keeping a drug house, child endangerment, possession of a firearm by a felon, and possession of a controlled substance.

All face multiple charges, and Bryant was able to bond out shortly after his arrest.

Police say now they're counting on the public to help narrow down Bryant's whereabouts and are hoping the nine guns collected in the storage unit, limit his access to anymore firearms.

“We know he has a connection to weapons through our action unit we've been trying to limit the access he does have to firearms but we can't say that we've recovered them all so at this point in time we have to consider that he remains armed and that he remains dangerous,” says Hoffman.

Marshall County Sheriff's deputies also looked for Bryant at his parent’s home in Marshalltown this afternoon with their consent but came up empty-handed.

Deputies are encouraging anyone with information on Bryant's whereabouts to call 911 or the Marshall County Sheriff’s 24 hour hotline at the 641-754-5725.



    • John Smith

      Hah! Not unless he has suppressors for those weapons so he can use them unobserved!

      The NRA not only wants you to have the gun, but they want your possession of the gun to go unobserved by the general public. Same for its use: No prying John Q. Public eyes OR ears!

      • Tom

        If you knew anything about the NRA, you’d know how inaccurate your statements are. NRA supports the right to own a gun by law abiding citizens, not known felons.

  • Uncle Spamalot

    They could probably have him in custody right now if KCCI-8 hadn’t tipped him off by setting up to film his house. To hear their coverage of this, the ‘assault’ on their cameraman was a bigger crime than whatever else the guy is wanted for.

  • Clyde

    The poor kid met them in California….. then calls his mom after his supposed “held against his will” mommy calls cops…….. sounds like good story to tell mom why he isn’t home. Why would he not call cops first?
    Now kcci says man with a rifle attacked them but no rifle on video….. hmmmm. They take your gun rights away so quick anymore, it doesn’t surprise me he had some in a storage unit.

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