Poll: Should it be Legal to Play Fantasy Sports for Money in Iowa?

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  • John Smith

    If the State can find a way to get their cut, like they do with numerous other forms of gambling. Otherwise, I reckon it will remain “illegal”.

  • It's A Hobby

    …it’s a way of betting between a group of peers for fun. It is a hobby. This is like saying that I shouldn’t be able to bet my friend that he can’t do the Gallon Challenge or any other type of fun bet.

  • Braden Horn

    The FSTA has been working to pass a bill in Iowa to fully legalize fantasy sports and enable DFS contests there.
    We’ve had some success this year in that the bill passed the Iowa senate. But we now need it to pass the Iowa house.
    If you are an Iowa resident, please use the link below to contact your legislator to ask them to vote for the bill.
    The web page is a nifty link that helps you write and quickly find your Iowa representatives.
    If you have a friend in Iowa, know someone who knows someone in Iowa .. send them this link and get them to contact their legislators. Let’s get a flood of Iowans asking to pass the bill in the house.
    Peter Schoenke
    Chairman, Fantasy Sports Trade Association

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