Drake’s Ryan More Than Just a Softball Player

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DES MOINES - The Drake softball team is having their best season in 7 years.  The Bulldogs are on top of the Missouri Valley Conference.

One of the main reasons for the resurgence, senior leadership.  One of those senior leaders, Sarah Ryan.

"I don't think I can describe it with 1 word or sentence because of how much she's meant to the program in the last 4 years," says Drake Head Coach Rich Calvert.

Ryan, who hails from Mt. Vernon Iowa, starts in center field and is known for he defense.

"Defense has been my forte," says Ryan, "It's fun, I like it a lot."

Sarah is the definition of a student athlete, sporting a 3.9 GPA in mathematics and biology.  Next year Sarah will head West to the Colorado school of public health to study bio-statistics where she will eventually earn a Masters and PhD.

Ryan comes from a unique family, she has 8 siblings, 5 brothers and 3 sisters.

"It's crazy, loud a lot of times but it's a lot of fun.  We're constantly competing with each other," says Sarah.

But Sarah has 1 more unique talent that not many other athletes can claim, she can ride a unicycle.  Yes, a unicycle.

"I'm ok, I'm an amateur but it's fun so I keep doing it."

Softball player, straight 'A' student, 8 siblings, future bio-statistics student in grad school, unicyclist, unique is a good way to describe Sarah Ryan.

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