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Crowd Marches for Marijuana Reform

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DES MOINES, Iowa - As states re-examine laws regarding marijuana production, possession and use, some in Iowa are calling for reform beyond the cannabis oil recently legalized by state lawmakers.

The Global Marijuana March, started in 1999, takes place on the first Saturday of May each year. In Des Moines, Iowans from across the state gathered to march in support of legalizing recreational use of marijuana. Speakers took turns sharing their personal stories on the steps of the State Capitol, urging those in support of legalization efforts to talk with lawmakers.

One attendant says, though he supports the legalization of medical use of cannabis oil for certain illnesses in Iowa, he hopes the law can be remedied to allow families better access to the oil, and believes this is an incremental step toward legalization of recreational use of marijuana.

"It's a miracle to watch these children who suffer from these crazy seizures...they take this oil, and they're fine," Bryce Wagner of Des Moines said. "They don't have a way to access it. I think, for me, because I'm not banking on one day, legal pot in Iowa. I think it's going to be baby steps."

Organizers say this year, they want to focus their argument around the legalization of alcohol, asking those opposed to legal marijuana why alcohol is legal if the drug in question is not.

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