Eighty Percent Of Iowa Corn Planted

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More than 80% of Iowa’s corn crop has now been planted and 30% of soybeans are in the ground according to the USDA Crop Progress Report.

While progress is well ahead of the five year average, it’s not necessarily an exceptional year, according to State Climatologist Harry Hillaker, who notes that precipitation this year has been conducive to early planting.

Dry conditions this March allowed pre-planting field preparations to get off to a good start, and when planting time rolled around in April, conditions turned out to be the driest they’ve been in 12 years.Hillaker says what happens this month may forecast the rest of the year, "Typically most years, May's a fairly good indicator of what' coming down the pike. Not always, but this month looks to be averaging on the warmer and wetter side of usual and so something sort of in that ballpark seems to be the best bet for the rest of the summer. But obviously we have recent years many, all kinds of outcomes but for the most part I think we're in a pretty good situation at least at the moment."


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