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Trump Says ‘Businessman’ Needed in White House, Not Politician

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump

SIOUX CITY, Iowa — Businessman Donald Trump, was in Sioux City over the weekend, talking about what he would do if he were elected president.

He did not give a definite answer whether he’ll actually run in 2016. But, he did say the country needs a businessman, not a politician in the White House.

“I’ll do the right thing,” said Trump. “Cause, I have a lot of money and I’m not looking for money to run. I’m not sitting over here saying, ‘Sam, if you give me $2,000, I’m indebted to you for the rest of my life,’ I don’t need it. You see it with Hillary with the foundation, everybody gives money and they think they have access to everything else. It’s terrible. So, with me it’s different.”

Trump says his job is to take things that are broken and fix them. It’s something he says he would do if elected president.

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