Waukee Students Attempt World Record for Sit-Ups

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WAUKEE, Iowa -- A total of 1,008 students gathered on a football field to set a world record for the most people doing sit-ups at once, with the Guinness Book of World Records.

The prior record of 414 was set in February of 2015 according to the Guinness website.

Each student was given a numeric wrist band to aid in the counting of students.  A few faculty members also had wrist bands and did sit-ups as well.

The idea was hatched by 7th grade language arts teacher Erica Beals.

"All year long we have been working on goal setting with our kids," Beals said.

The kids also discussed how to take action steps to achieve their goals.

"This was our big goal for the year, and we've been working on it since about September," Beals said. "No goal is too big, anything is possible."

According to the rules for doing sit-ups, those participating must be lying down, with shoulder blades touching the ground.  A full sit-up would be when elbows touch the knees, before they go back down to the ground.

The point is not a number of sit-ups, but rather they do them continuously for one minute.

"It was fun, we got to participate, it was just fun," said Lauran Kozak, who is a 6th grade student.

"It was a little bit hard though," said 6th grade student Jade Benz.

The event was recorded on video to send to The Guinness Book of World Records to certify the effort is a record event.

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