Ospreys Return to Wells Fargo Campus Nest

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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa - Last summer, Wells Fargo employees discovered a pair of ospreys nesting in a crane during the company's expansion of its West Des Moines facility. After contacting the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, the company decided to preserve the birds' nest while they were south for the winter, so that they'd have a home to return to.

To their delight, the ospreys returned, and are bringing three new birds to the family. An osprey webcam is now fixed onto the perch, built by Wells Fargo and the Iowa DNR, and updates every 30 minutes with a new image of the birds and their three eggs.

"While pesticides that once killed off a great deal of Iowa’s osprey population are no longer in use, the population has been very slow to return to our state," reads part of the Iowa DNR's webpage on the osprey project.

Iowa DNR officials say the osprey is known to fly more than 5,000 miles south each winter, often to South America. Moving the birds' nest from one part of the parking lot to a new, custom-built perch on the other side of the campus was a risk; officials say there was no guarantee the birds would return. But several weeks ago, the two ospreys made it home, and seem to be enjoying the nearby fish-stocked ponds for a quick meal.

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