Ottumwa Man Wins $10,000 in Iowa Lottery, Thought it was Worth Much Less

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CLIVE, Iowa — An Ottumwa man won more than he originally thought in an Iowa Lottery scratch off game.

Smith ‘Sam’ Craven claimed $10,000 in the lottery’s “$100,000 Mega Crossword” scratch game, the Ottumwa Courier reported.

Craven said he purchased his winning ticket May 11 at Jefferson Street BP in Ottumwa. He said he knew he had won something as soon as he scratched it. However, he originally thought he only won $20. Then he said he thought $100. When he took it to a local convenience store to get it checked out, the clerk told him it was not worth $100, it was actually worth $10,000.

Craven claimed his $10,000 prize at the lottery’s headquarters in Clive May 12.

There was a letter that Craven missed when he was scratching off one of the Crossword puzzles on his ticket, and with it included the $10,000 prize.

He said he missed the letter ‘T’ on ‘Pluto,’ which made the winnings go from $100 to $10,000.

Craven plans to put his lottery winnings toward bills and a future vacation.

Jefferson Street BP, where Smith ‘Sam’ Craven purchased his winning $100,000 Mega Crosswor ticket.