Body Found in Des Moines River

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RUNNELLS, Iowa --A body was found in the Des Moines River Friday evening. Investigators are trying to determine who it is and how it got there.

Authorities say the discovery may be connected to the report of a man who fell into the water earlier this week.  The Polk County Sheriff’s Office is taking this one step at a time, and they are working with the family of the man who was last seen yelling for help in the Des Mones River earlier in the week, on Monday night.

Just before five o'clock Friday evening County Conservation got a report from some boaters in the unincorporated area of Polk County, close to Pleasant Hill, that there was a body floating in the river. County conservation went out there on a boat, and located the body and worked on retrieving the body with the medical examiner's office. Because of the rainfall, there were elevated water levels, and lots of debris, and so rescue crews had to take their time getting out and retrieving the body in a safe manner. Around 7:30 Friday evening, the body was retrieved.

At the scene where the body was retrieved, Sgt. Brandon Bracelin with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office told Channel 13 News “We have some family members out here that have reported a loved one missing, since Monday, which was the report of the gentlemen that was having difficult swimming near Sycamore Access, so they’ll be working with that family to get identifiers such as tattoos and scar marks to determine if that possibly could be their family member.”

Sgt. Bracelin says the Sheriff’s Office won't hear anything back regarding the identification of the body until after Monday.

After being retrieved from the river, the victim’s body was taken to the state medical examiner's office where they will work on identification first thing Monday.