Homemakers Furniture to Build New Warehouse Facility

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URBANDALE, Iowa — Homemakers Furniture is breaking ground on a project they said will add unparalleled depth to its customer service.

The Midwestern furniture store is building a 120,000-square-foot warehouse facility that will span the equivalent of 42 tennis courts, sitting on a five-acre plot of land on the northeast side of the property.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve the customer experience. A lot of thought goes into picking the perfect pieces to furnish your home, so once you’ve made your decision, you want to get your order as quickly as possible. What our new warehouse addition will enable us to do is make more merchandise immediately available for the customer. It’s something that’s so important to customers, and yet, retailers haven’t been able to meet that need. We’re changing that,” Dave Merschman, president of Homemakers said in a press release.

This marks the sixth major renovation for Homemakers since the company opened the doors of its Urbandale facility in 1985, as well as the third build in the past six years.

“Having recently launched a new e-commerce site, our warehouse addition better equips us for our continued growth and the additional business from this new channel,” Merschman adds.

Carl and Ina Merschman founded Homemakers Furniture in 1974, opening the original store in Des Moines with ten employees. The company grew, and in 1985, the Merschmans opened a second location in Urbandale. The Urbandale store underwent numerous renovations and expansions during the ‘90s.

In 20 Homemakers held a ribbon cutting ceremony to commemorate the grand opening of the newly renovated showroom. Homemakers expanded its warehouse in 2012, adding 56% more storage capacity. Then in 2014, Homemakers celebrated 40 years of tradition with a brand new e-commerce site, making their impressive selection and legendary low prices accessible across the United States.

Nebraska Furniture Mart, part of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway group, acquired Homemakers in 2000. The Merschman family continues to operate and manage the company, as they have for more than four decades.