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Candle Light Vigil For Murdered Baby

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URBANDALE, Iowa -- A candlelight vigil was held Tuesday night to remember a 9-month-old baby officials believe was killed by his father.

A couple dozen people held candles, mourned and cried together at the Urbandale apartment complex where little Logan Habibovic lived with his 8-year-old brother and mother. His mother, Melissa Zeimet, says there are no words to explain her pain. No words to explain how she feels knowing that she will never hold her son again.

Her ex, Elvis Habibovic, abducted the baby. Their bodies were found in a burned up SUV  last week in Missouri.  Zeimet breaks down in tears because, she says, she couldn’t protect her son.  And, she says, had no idea that her ex-would do such a horrible thing.

“I never thought he would do this. I never did," she says, "Like take him, maybe, yes. But kill him, no.”

Zeimet says she believes her ex did what he did because he was depressed over their recent break up. She believes Habibovic committed the murder-suicide using carbon monoxide from his SUV, not realizing the SUV could also catch fire.