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GOP Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee Campaigns in Clarinda

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GOP Presidential contender Mike Huckabee accepts a strawberry pie along with his wife Janet. (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

GOP Presidential contender Mike Huckabee accepts a strawberry pie along with his wife Janet. (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

CLARINDA, Iowa- Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee visited Clarinda, while campaigning for the GOP nomination for President.

Huckabee told reporters he is running again because the country is in more trouble now than it was 8 years ago.

“We hope to win Iowa, but certainly we have to finish in the top-tier here,” said Huckabee.  “Not everybody will come out of Iowa alive, that is traditionally the case.”

Huckabee stopped at Vaughn’s Cafe where he met the owners of the establishment, and posed for pictures. One couple from New Market presented Huckabee with a home-baked, strawberry pie.

Huckabee was introduced before his speech,by his wife Janet, who told the group her husband is a what you see is what you get kind of guy, adding that he always wakes up happy.

Huckabee said  welcomes Donald Trump to the Presidential race.

“He said he will self-fund, and doesn’t want any donations,” said Huckabee.  ” I want to go on record today, I will take all those donations that people were going to send to him, instead send the to me.”

Huckabee added that he and Trump agree, something needs to be done to stop China from manipulating trade, and currency.

Clarinda where Huckabee was speaking is also the birthplace of legendary band leader Glenn Miller.  Huckabee said ” I’m probably the only candidate in the race, who has Glenn Miller tunes on my iPhone.”

Huckabee also touched on many issues he visited in his last campaign, including remaining strong on pro-life issues, and securing the border before taking action on illegal immigrants. He also said supreme court judges should not set policy when it comes to defining marriage in this country.

Huckabee said he enjoys campaigning in Iowa, as people here are not star-struck to see a presidential candidate.  He said people here often ask tougher issue questions than the New York Times.