Storm Levels Home in Monroe County

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The National Weather Services confirms that an EF 3 tornado tore through Monore County near Lovilia Monday evening. The storm packed winds of 142 miles per hour when it leveled Cecil and Sandy Showers' home of the last 37 years.

"It happened so fast. It just happened so fast," Sandy Showers said.

She had just returned home from work. The couple barely made it to the basement when the twister touched down. The Showers say if they had waited a few more seconds to take cover, they would have wound up in the field along with their combines, cars and belongings.

"I had to put the scissors on her to hold her down there because otherwise it would have pulled her right back up them steps," Cecil Showers said.

He braced himself against a cement wall of the stairs and wrapped his legs around his wife. They both held onto the railing for what was the longest 30 seconds of their lives.

"It was like someone is standing there with a big vacuum trying to get you. Just jerking on you. I don't know if I could have made it another three or four more seconds 'cuz it was trying to get me loose," Cecil said.

Despite the damage that stretches for as far as the eye can see, the Showers are trying to focus on one thing.

"I kept saying we're alive, we're alive, we're alive," Sandy said.

She walked away without a scratch. Cecil has a few bumps on his head from falling two by fours.

The couple is staying with family in the area. Dozens of people spent the day helping the family clean up and salvage what they can.

Monroe County officials say the slow moving storm stretch from corner to corner of the county and into Davis County. The Showers farm was hit by the strongest winds from the storm.

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