Waters of U.S. Rule Becomes Law August 28

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The Environmental Protection Agency and Army Corps of Engineer’s Clean Water rule is slated to become law on August 28th.

The rule, known as the Waters of the U.S. rule (WOTUS), was published in the Federal Register on Monday. That paves the way for the rule to become law 60 days later.

Farm groups believe the rule would expand EPA’s jurisdiction to regulate water on farm fields. EPA argues that exemptions for normal farming practices will remain intact.

On June 29, a coalition of the attorneys general of 13 states filed suit against EPA, alleging its Clean Water reach is farther than its grasp. Iowa did not take part in the lawsuit, though in a statement, Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller said he was pleased with the rule’s farm exemptions and would continue to monitor both the lawsuit and EPA’s implementation of the rule.

On Tuesday, Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller provided WHO with the following statement:

“Our focus is on agriculture. We have concerns that the EPA's definition of waterways under its control is very broad. But we also recognize and are pleased about the broad exemptions for agriculture. We will monitor the lawsuit and the EPA's implementation of the rule.”