Quinn’s Lemonade Stand From a 1917 Model T

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Quinn Roorda works his lemonade stand during WHO radio's Van & Bonnie Show (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

Quinn Roorda works his lemonade stand during WHO radio’s Van & Bonnie Show (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa – Quinn Roorda celebrated his sixth birthday Wednesday by having his own lemonade stand. Roorda won the contest to have a lemonade stand along with the WHO Radio Van & Bonnie show from 5-9 am.

Roorda’s Lemonade Stand was unique, a 1917 Ford Model T Truck. The vehicle had been the Roorda family for generations.

Customers could drive up to Valley West Mall, get some lemonade,and make a donation. The proceeds raised will go to Quinn’s college education fund. WHO’s Van Harden asked Quinn where he was going to college, while he didn’t commit he said he liked Iowa State.

“I like it, cause I can sell lemonade to people, and I can have more money for college,” said Quinn.

The young businessman was asked about what college would be like.

“You have to stay there, for like a year,” said Quinn.

Anderson Erickson donated the lemonade, and Community State Bank gave a matching grant toward’s Quinn’s college fund.

The young salesman was approached with a big order from the City of Waukee for 117 bottles of lemonade.

“We have a lot of staff, and a lot of people that are out in that heat today,” said Patty Holden, who is Human Resources Director for the City of Waukee. “I’m going to take lemonade for all of our workers.

WHO morning host Van Harden said they have just one requirement for the lemonade stand.

“When you make your sign that says lemonade, according to the Iowa Code, one of the E’s in your sign has to be backwards,” said Harden. One of Quinn’s signs complied with that rule.

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