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Community Rebuilds Fence for 6-Year-Old Killed in June Accident

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Earlier this week, the man accused of running over and killing a 6-year-old boy pleaded not guilty.

On June 1, Guadalupe Villa-Guzman crashed through a backyard fence, killing Irving Aguilar-Gonzalez and injuring another young boy near the corner of Hickman Road and 26th Street.

Since the accident, the fence had not been repaired, but on Saturday members of the community helped to rebuild it.

“I feel very very happy and I want to tell everybody thank you for coming and helping us,” said Javier Falcon.

Falcon's son was playing on the trampoline with Aguilar-Gonzalez at the time of the accident. He said he and the boy’s family were working to save money to build a fence themselves but the money wasn’t adding up.

“We waited for the insurance to help pay for it but no one was coming,” he said.

More than a dozen people came to help, including handyman Jeremy Schnell and members from Lynnville Friends Church in Sully.

“We thought it would be our six or seven guys we brought up but there are so many hands that we haven`t had to work too hard,” he laughed.

As for the man who organized the project, Ray Lewis is the interim pastor of the church and also lives two blocks away from where it happened.

“There isn`t any more secure place than your back yard with your parents and when something like this happened, I had to do something,” he said.

Lewis hopes closing up the fence will help bring the family closure.

“That young mans life should be celebrated and this is great way to celebrate a homegoing for a kid,”

A trial date for Villa–Guzman is set for Sept. 14.