Flag Stand Continues to Sell Version of Confederate Flag Outside Iowa Speedway

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Editor's note: Larry Ballentine is not associated with the Iowa Speedway and operates his stand off of Iowa Speedway property.

NEWTON, Iowa – A flag stand outside Iowa Speedway continues to sell a version of the Confederate flag.

The flag stand, which is less than half a mile from the track, is run by Larry Ballentine and he says he’s been selling flags for 12 years.

Ballentine also said 95 percent of his business on Saturday was from the sale of the Confederate flag with an eagle on it. He added that he would stop selling them if he ever runs out of inventory.

“I’m just a business man and what sells makes money,” Ballentine said.

NASCAR recently sent out a statement publicly asking fans to not wave the Confederate flag at their speedways.

The Iowa Corn 300 is being held at Iowa Speedway Saturday night.