RAGBRAI Riders Jump Aboard- Some Bring Kids

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HARDIN COUNTY, Iowa- As RAGBRAI goes through Central Iowa some riders take the opportunity to jump aboard.

Mike Stabell found a great spot to jump on between the Highway 20 exit, and the town of Eldora.

"We just found the best spot for us, we headed up from Madrid," said Stabell. His friend George Morawska came from the Chicago area to ride his first RAGBRAI.

"I've been practicing for a month, this will be an experience," said Morawska.

Some riders bring their kids along.

"This is our second year on RAGBRAI, said Nadine Davis, of Edwards Colordo. Davis was on a tandem with her daughter in the rear seat. "Reece is 8 years old, last year she was seven for our first RAGBRAI ride." Davis rides with a team called pedaling for Parkinson's.

"Made me want to start my blog, a lot of people had questions a lot of people would say things like Oh I never thought I could do that with my child," said Megan Fitch of Texas. She began taking her 5-year-old daughter Neva on the bike, because they didn't have a car. Now they go all over by bike, and she writes a blog called neva-travel with an infant.

"After RAGBRAI we're gonna go on a 100 milebike trip in the Adirondacks this is our warm up this year."

Riders with or without kids need food. One stop everyday is a roadside stand called K&K Bagels. It was started 18 years ago by two women from Waterloo, who needed money for college. Now they serve up bagels, bananas, and granola bars.

"RAGBRAI is so fun and a lot of work because you are setting up and selling early,"said co-owner Kristy Dees. "You are seeing a ton of people from all over, the world so that part is exciting, and you make some money."

Another food venue was Chris Cakes serving pancakes at the Steamboat Rock Fire Department.

"We do our little local fund drive, but when you only got 380 people in town, they give what they can," said Aarron Stahl of the Steamboat Rock Fire Department. "We try to get anything like this to come through our town."

Stahl said they had sold around 1500 plates of pancakes, at $6.00 a piece, so they hope that would help them to pay for a grass fire attack truck. Even though Steamboat Rock is rural, the fire department gets called from nearby 4 lane Highway 20.