Woman Loses Car in Apartment Garage Fire

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Vicki Ingham never thought she would see flames outside of her second story window. Ingham recalled what she saw on Thursday night, telling Channel 13 News, "I was in my living room and I heard this boof. I mean and it wasn`t like a loud explosion, it`s poof, and I looked out and it was just engulfed, the whole center bay. Flames just rolling out and licking up on the roof."

Ingham immediately called 911.  In the four minutes it took firefighters to arrive, it was already too late as Ingham explained to Channel 13 News saying, "it was just gone. It was amazing how fast, how fast it went up."

The fire destroyed Ingham's 2011 Nissan Versa, and all of the other possessions inside the six unit garage building. The total damage is expected to top $110,000.

Ingham described her main concern, telling Channel 13 News, "I was really, really scared about embers, you know jumping over to the roof and catching the apartments on fire." Firefighters kept that from happening, and no one was injured. Ingham knows her possessions can be replaced, but it was still difficult watching them burn.

When recounting what she was thinking as she watched her car go up in flames, Ingham told Channel 13 News, "(I was thinking) oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, you know of all the things that you imagine bad happening, that`s not one of them; the garage exploding and the car burning up, that`s just not something I had thought of." Ingham continued her thought, adding "it certainly gives you a different understanding when you see all the California fires, you know you feel bad for those people losing everything but then when you see your own fire close at hand you know how absolutely terrifying that is."


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