Des Moines Police Propose New Camera System to City Council

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- The Des Moines Police Department presented a new dash camera system, they want to install, to city council Monday morning. The department has researched the new system for a year and are "very pleased" with the findings.

“We need a system that will produce good quality and keep up with the volume. Be able to be easily managed by the folks that are working it here,” said Sgt. Paul Parizek, who with the team that researched the new system over the past year.

Des Moines Police want to replace the current dash cam system, which was installed in 2010. The new system is made by Panasonic. It is currently being used by the Iowa State Patrol.

A major asset of the new system is the flexibility. It has the capability to link with a body camera, which the current system does not have. The price is $6,500 per unit. That is slightly higher than the current model but Parizek said it is well worth it.

Another major asset with proposed model is reliability. The current cameras have a failure rate of 16-percent on all videos over a two year stretch.

“We have had issues with the system actually failing when it should be working,’ said Sgt. Parizek. “It’s not recording when it says it is. It's crossing video and audio from different incidents.”

In the first six months of 2015, the police department has produced 45,000 videos. That would be 7,200 videos that could contain an error.

The new models are far more reliable, they have less than a 1 percent rate per five years.

Parizek said the department would like to have the new cameras in place by the end of the year. This is also the time when the department will begin to replace its fleet of cars (19 cars).