Local Domestic Violence Documentary Hoping to Bring Change

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DES MOINES, Iowa--This year the Governor specifically called for stricter penalties for repeat domestic violence offenders.

However, the session came and went with no legislative progress. Digital Matters Productions and some brave Iowans are hoping history doesn’t repeat itself.

“It`s another platform for me to talk about what happened with my offender, problems here in Iowa that need to be addressed, local legislation that`s out there to educate the public about how they can help and where our system is falling down in Iowa,” says domestic violence survivor Tiffany Allison.

In 2009, Allison was attacked by her boyfriend and held hostage in her own home.

Her offender was sentenced to two and a half years but served just ten months.

After getting released he assaulted another woman and is set to be re-released this fall which makes sharing her story a risk.

“That`s a little frightening to me for be talking about my story and sharing it with to the public and his name and photo is out there and I’m not sure how he will react to that. He may not react at all, but it might really make me a target.”

Allison pushed for stricter legislation this session but saw no results. Digital Matters Productions heard similar stories and wanted to take action.

“Our goal is to first of all have everyone recognize that it is a serious issue and secondly that they can do something about it,” says co-owner of Digital Matters Productions Terri DeBolt.

DeBolt says the documentary, Make It Stop, is taking on the issues head on. The crew plans to speak to survivors, abusers, professionals and lawmakers about why more isn't being done on the state level.

“People explore the violence and they show the bruises but there are other kinds of abuse that happen, financial abuse, bullying, stocking, we`re going to cover that and show how it`s all connected.”

Production on the documentary started last November and the crew is hoping to have it complete before the next legislative session.

More information on domestic violence, the documentary and how you can support production can be found by, clicking here.



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