Tonight’s the Night: GOP Presidential Candidates Facing Off in First Debate

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All 17 Republicans running for President are facing off in two separate debates in Cleveland tonight.

A few showed up early. More are coming in today. The strategy seems to be if you're not the frontrunner, come early and the cameras will follow you.

Final preparations at the arena this morning where seven candidates will debate this afternoon

And the top 10 debate later tonight - including Ohio Governor John Kasich.

"He probably doesn't have a snowball's chance, I would think," said one voter.

"I'm keeping my options open," said another

Carly Fiorina is in what they're calling the "happy hour debate" - the earlier one. "Only 40 percent of Republicans know my name. But don't worry, they will," said Fiorina.

Analysts say with social media, it may not matter which candidates make primetime. "If you pop with any answer you are going to get a lot of coverage so wait for your moment," says Matt Schlapp of the American Conservative Union.

Marco Rubio is in town early - telling NBC he's not worried about competing against Donald Trump. "I'm not running against any of the people on that stage. I'm running FOR President," said Senator Marco Rubio, (R-FL).

Trump will be center stage, after news that he reached out to Former President Bill Clinton before deciding to run.

That may not play well with conservatives. "Well if you're running for the Republican nomination and trying to convince conservatives you're one of them, reaching out to Bill Clinton for advice in any manor or degree is not helpful," said Former Presidential Candidate, Tim Pawlenty.

No opening statements tonight - too many candidates, no time.

They'll go straight into questions which - as of this morning - are still a closely guarded secret.