Radcliffe Suffers Storm Damage from Strong Winds

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RADCLIFFE, Iowa --Strong thunderstorms struck the Radcliffe area late Sunday night into Monday morning causing wind damage.

"It wasn't so much what we saw it was what we heard," said Dewan Higgins, resident of Radcliffe. Higgins described the sounds as "like a train coming through town."

The strong winds brought down trees, damaged buildings, and knocked out power to much of the community of about 500 people. Over 100 buildings are without power.

Alliant Energy power crews have been working since the storm cleared out to restore the electricity. Crews are hoping to have the power back in within a few hours. They expect the power to be back on by 9 a.m.

Radcliffe  Fire Chief Chuck Raska told Channel 13’s Josh Nguyen the winds ripped off the roof of a local church and debris from downed trees blocked some roads in town. Volunteer firefighters have now cleared those roads.

Raska said the plan for Monday is to just regroup.

"Today is just clean up and assess, make sure no one was hurt. Get the power restored to everybody," Raska said.

Higgins said she was sleeping when the storm hit and there wasn't any warning before the winds blasted through town.

"No warning what so ever," said Higgins. "I haven't slept all night, we have been without power."

She says several trees in her yard were blown down by the storm.

"When we came out to look, it was not good," said Higgins. "Nothing hit my house. It was within a foot of the house."

The Hardin County Sheriff's Office said there have not been any reports of injuries.